Monday, July 17, 2006, 8 pm
ODC Theater
3153 17th Street (@ Shotwell)
admission $12 ($7 student/senior)

Our next concert highlights the work of composer/performer Scott Rosenberg, with a solo saxophone performance, the piece Hums for a large ensemble of sustaining instruments, and a new reed quartet, Eeert, composed for sfSoundGroup. And while we've got the sfSoundOrchestra together, we present three more works for large ensemble: Morton Feldman's graphic notation classic ...Out of 'Last Pieces' (1961), Robert Ashley's all-vocal She Was A Visitor (1967), and Louis Andriessen's hard-edged Worker's Union (1975) "for any loud ensemble".

Scott Rosenberg solo performance, Hums, and Eeert
Morton Feldman ...Out of 'Last Pieces' (1961)
Robert Ashley She Was A Visitor (1967)
Louis Andriessen Worker's Union (1975)

Diane Grube - flute/piccolo/voice
Kyle Bruckmann - oboe/moog/voice
Alicia Byer - clarinet/voice
ma++ ingalls - clarinet/voice
Jacob Lindsay - bass clarinet/clarinet/voice
Phillip Greenlief - saxophone/voice
John Ingle - saxophone/voice
Scott Rosenberg - contrabass clarinet/saxophone/voice
Liz Allbee - trumpet/voice
Per Bloland - trumpet/voice
Tom Djll - trumpet/voice
Darren Johnston - trumpet/voice
Andrew Strain - trombone/voice
Toyoji Tomita - trombone/voice
Ava Mendoza - guitar/voice
John Shiurba - guitar/voice
Bill Wolter - guitar/voice
Marianne McDonald - harp/voice
Kanoko Nishi - koto/voice
Christopher Jones - piano/bassoon/voice
Matthew Goodheart - keyboard/voice
Tom Gierke - percussion/voice
Jason Levis - percussion/voice
Moe! Staiano - percussion/voice
Graeme Jennings - violin/voice
Erik Ulman - violin/voice
Jorge Boehringer - viola/voice
Heather Gardner - viola/voice
Cheryl Leonard - viola/voice
Monica Scott - cello/voice
George Cremaschi - contrabass/bass guitar/voice
Hadley McCarroll - voice

The Cornelius Cardew Choir
Tony Williams
Steven Tobin
Sarah Rose Stiles
Tommy Soden
Bob Marsh (co-founder)
Aurora Mahassine
Marianne McDonald
Patricia Littman
Cathryn Hrudicka
Leah Fenimore
Dina Emerson
Tom Duff
Dave Cowen
Tom Bickley (co-founder, director)

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