a weekly experimental sound series every friday evening
presented by sfSound

mosswood chapel :: 3630 telegraph oakland ca :: 2 blocks from macarthur bart :: enter 2nd door on 37th st
masks and vaccination required :: performers will be unmasked
8pm prompt start time (unless otherwise noted)
$10-$25 sliding scale (cash & venmo accepted at door)
click here to purchase advanced tickets ($20) online

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august 12, 2022 lia kohl (chicago) / brendan glasson
august 19, 2022 chiko (japan) / lorin benedict + ron heglin / mosswood improvisers group
august 26, 2022 tom nunn tribute: ghost in the house and friends
september 2, 2022 del sol plays julius eastman’s “gay guerrilla” & others
september 9, 2022 karl evangelista + lewis jordan / alex heigl
september 16, 2022 ochs + johnston + perkis + merkey + nordeson / bryan day + s glass
september 23, 2022 carnacki / grayle
september 30, 2022 adriana camacho torres (mexico) + lisa mezzacappa / sarah grace graves

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 AUGUST 12 2022  8pm  $10-$25


Chicago-based cellist and composer LIA KOHL performs material from her most recent solo album, a continuous soundscape of cello, live radio, synthesizers, and field recordings.

Oakland-based BRENDAN GLASSON performs a series of pieces for solo reed organ.

LIA KOHL is a cellist, composer, and multidisciplinary artist based in Chicago. She creates and performs music and multimedia performance that incorporates sound, video, movement, theater, and sculptural objects. She has presented work and performed at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Walker Art Center, Chicago Symphony Center, and Eckhart Park Pool, and held residencies at Mana Contemporary Chicago, High Concept Labs, dfbrl8r Performance Art Gallery, Mills College and Stanford University. She is a curator and ensemble member with poly-disciplinary performance ensemble Mocrep. As an improviser and collaborator, she has participated in cultural exchanges in Mexico, France, Germany, Denmark, China and the UK, and toured on four continents. She has played with Makaya McCraven, Whitney, OHMME, and Circuit des Yeux. An active recording artist, she has arranged and recorded with Steve Gunn, Claire Rousay, and Steve Hauschildt, among others. Lia tours regularly with puppet theater company Manual Cinema and helps create 60 Songs in 60 Minutes, a quarterly show with the Neo-Futurists. Recent albums include duos with Macie Stewart (Astral Spirits), Zachary Good (Parlour Tapes+), ZRL (American Dreams Records) and a solo album on Shinkoyo/Artist Pool.

BRENDAN GLASSON (b. Providence, RI) is a composer living and working in Oakland, CA. He is interested in detail, texture, and slowness as launching points for a kind of augmented experience of duration and listening. Much of his work is centered around reed organ—a ubiquitous instrument in the 19th and early 20th century that has fallen into wide disuse. His relationship with reed organs is influenced by his background in electronic music, and he makes use of the buzzy tone, infinite sustain, and limited dynamics to create a music reminiscent of synthesis. By necessity he has come to develop an interest in repairing, tuning, and maintaining these antique instruments, and he explores novel techniques for amplifying and capturing the fine details of the sound. His recent body of work, The Reality of People and Other Works for Reed Organ, has focused on finding tone clusters that activate resonances in the organ, creating a pulsing, throbbing music of intentionally limited gesture. Brendan has performed and shown work at SFMOMA, Centre Pompidou-Metz, the MUDAM museum, G16, the Lab, and more. He holds an MFA from Mills College, where he is the technical director at the Center for Contemporary Music.

 AUGUST 19 2022  8pm  $10-$25


Visiting from Japan, violinist CHIKO performs a set of 20th century classics: Morton Feldman's for aaron copland; Toru Takemitsu's Distance de Fee; Igor Stravinsky's Elegy; Astor Piazolla's Ave Maria; and and Ennio Morricone's Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso. She will joined by HADLEY MCCARROLL on piano.

Improvisations by LORIN BENEDICT and RON HEGLIN - Two vocalists, improvising together, each of whom sings in his own invented language.

Closing the concert, THE MOSSWOOD IMPROVISATION GROUP, a collection of local improvising musicians, will perform a set of free improvisation. Performers include: TIM PERKIS, electronics; KANOKO NISHI-SMITH, koto; BRENDAN LAI-TONG, trombone; MATT INGALLS, clarinets; TOM DJLL, trumpet; BEN DAVIS, cello; KEVIN CORCORAN, percussion/electronics; KEVIN CK LO, violin/flute/piano/electronics.

CHIKO is currently one of 1st violin players of the City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. In addition to the orchestra, she promotes and plays her own concerts including solo, duets and chamber music. She also works on collaborative creations between violin and various artists in other fields. With the theme of “awakening of the five senses” with her “sound” as the starting point, she incorporates improvisation and creates a unique world view through her variety of music. She studied mental coaching and Ericsson Hypnosis, and adopted a spiritual approach to help the sound and music reach deeper into the human heart. Recently she has started doing sound healing in private sessions.

RON HEGLIN is a trombonist and vocalist working with extended technique on the trombone and with spoken and sung imaginary languages as a vocalist. His vocal music has been influenced by his study of North Indian vocal music. He works both compositionally and in an improvisational mode and is a member of the Bay Area music context as well as performing internationally. He is a founding member of the groups MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS, ROTODOTI, and BRASSIOSAURUS, and has performed with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Leo Smith, Henry Brant, Logos Duo, Tim Perkis, John Bischoff, Tom Djll, and Toyoji Tomita.

LORIN BENEDICT is an improvising vocalist (scat singer, essentially) who works in the areas of jazz and related music. He co-leads several small groups dedicated to playing highly structured music in a manifestly loose and playful way. This includes the duo Bleeding Vector, the trio The Holly Martins, and duo projects with drummer Sam Ospovat and bass player Logan Kane, respectively. He has also, over the past two decades, appeared as a side-man in groups led by musicians such as Howard Wiley and Sheldon Brown, among many others.

 AUGUST 26 2022  7:15p  $10-$25

a tribute to TOM NUNN with GHOST IN THE HOUSE and friends

TOM NUNN was a free spirit dedicated to practice and discipline. He could play for hours on any of his invented instruments with any other musician. Regardless of his intuitive approach to improvisation, his musical success was grounded in a solid technical mastery of his instruments. – Ed Herrmann

THE SENDOFFIX (MICHAEL KNOWLTON - guitar, STEVE SHAIN - aluminum upright bass, BIG SKIN - trumpet/voice, GARY KNOWLTON - chase plate, waterphone, windwands)

DYNOSOAR (TOM DJLL - trumpet, RON HEGLIN - voice/trombone, KAREN STACKPOLE - gongs)

The Amazing REVERSO – Allan Crossman

THOMAS DIMUZIO - electronics, SCOTT LOONEY - Hyperpiano DSP

GHOST IN THE HOUSE (DAVID MICHALAK - phantom harp, lap steel; TOM NUNN - inventions; KYLE BRUCKMANN - double reeds; KAREN STACKPOLE - gongs, percussion, waterphone; BRUCE ACKLEY - soprano saxophone; POLLY SPRINGHORN - bass flute, JOHN INGLE - saxophone)

plus surprise sets!

A free CD with Tom Nunn included with admission.

 SEPTEMBER 2 2022  8pm  $10-$25


Extreme sounds / extreme emotions. DEL SOL STRING QUARTET finds the range of expressivity through the exploration of sound, noise, silence, and musical restrictions. Featuring the music of composers

Fascinated by the feedback loop between social change, technology, and artistic innovation, the San Francisco-based DEL SOL STRING QUARTET is a leading force in 21st-century chamber music. They believe that live music can, and should, happen anywhere – whether introducing Ben Johnston’s microtonal Americana at the Library of Congress or in a canyon cave, taking Aeryn Santillan’s gun-violence memorial to the streets of the Mission District, or collaborating with Huang Ruo and the anonymous Chinese poets who carved their words into the walls of the Angel Island Immigration Station.

Since 1992, Del Sol has commissioned or premiered thousands of works by composers including Terry Riley, Gabriela Lena Frank, Tania León, Frederic Rzewski, Vijay Iyer, Mason Bates, Michael Harrison, Huang Ruo, Pamela Z, Chinary Ung, Chen Yi, Erberk Eryilmaz, Theresa Wong, Reza Vali, and Kui Dong. The quartet regularly works with composers through workshops, universities, as well as Del Sol commissioning and incubator programs. They especially value their ongoing relationship with the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music in Boonville, CA.

Del Sol’s eleventh album "A Dust in Time" debuted at #3 on Billboard in October 2021. Called “excavations of beauty from the elemental” (NY Times), this hour-long meditation was released in the form of a coloring book. Their previous album “Kooch-e Khamân” (February 2021) features 7 new works by young Iranian composers and charted #5 on Billboard. In the 2021-2022 season, Del Sol continues its Joy Project, performing outdoor pop-ups around the Bay Area of music written to inspire joy. They also are producing two large projects: “The Angel Island Project,” an immigration-themed oratorio by Chinese American composer Huang Ruo, and “Between Worlds of Sound,” a collaboration with North Indian musicians Alam Khan & Arjun Verma. In 2021, the quartet were featured artists at the Venice Bienalle’s Arts Letter and Numbers Pavilion. They are current artists on the ImmerSphere roster, a groundbreaking platform that produces performances in augmented reality.


Our focus is on the bay area experimental and new music community, hopefully encouraging crossover among sub-scenes (composition and improvisation; established and emerging; institutional and underground; etc.) We strongly suggest local musicians attend concerts before requesting to perform on the series. Visting artists aritsts are also welcome, ideally splitting a concert with local musicians.

There is a "hall-like" reverberation in the space, so until we have a better feel for the limits of the space, we are only programming mostly acoustic performances, but we will also consider lightly amplified electronics.

50% of ticket sales is given to the performers.

If you are interested in performing on the series, please send an email to

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