a weekly experimental sound series every friday evening
presented by sfSound

mosswood chapel :: 3630 telegraph oakland ca :: 2 blocks from macarthur bart :: enter 2nd door on 37th st
masks and vaccination required :: performers will be unmasked
8pm prompt start time (unless otherwise noted)
$10-$25 sliding scale (cash & venmo accepted at door)
click here to purchase advanced tickets ($20) online

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july 1, 2022 dan plonsey group / bran(…)pos
july 8, 2022 del sol plays julius eastman’s “gay guerrilla”
july 15, 2022 jordan glenn solo / nathan clevenger trio
july 22, 2022 giacomo fiore (lamb & polansky) / sfSound (grisey & maderna)
july 29, 2022 moe staiano ensemble / natalia badziak

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 JULY 1 2022  8pm  $10-$25


DAN PLONSEY (reeds) performs new compositions with RANDY MCKEAN (reeds), MANTRA PLONSEY (voice),
WARD SPANGLER (percussion), and CORY WRIGHT (winds).

BRAN(…)POS performs The Shitty Karma of Swatting Flies, a broken meditation involving noises.

BRAN(…)POS is the ongoing audio-visual-performance-noise-musique-brain-bend of Jake Rodriguez from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Rodriguez has been performing and recording under this moniker since 1996 with releases on Rubber City Noise, Tymbal Tapes, Resipiscent, C.I.P., Ratskin Records, Animal Disguise, and Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrack.

DAN PLONSEY is a composer and multi-instrumentalist living in El Cerrito. Born in Cleveland, OH, Plonsey studied composition and improvisation with Martin Bresnick, Anthony Braxton, and more briefly with other members of the AACM at the fabled Creative Music Studio. Plonsey's most notable commissions have come from Bang on a Can, the SF Jewish Music Festival, and Real Time Opera, for which he wrote an opera with a libretto by underground comic book writer, Harvey Pekar. Plonsey has released 40 CDs of his music, most of which are available at He is at present working on the 27th CD of music called "Concert Band 1," for which he plays all the instruments. Plonsey has worked with Randy McKean, Cory Wright, Ward Spangler, and Mantra Plonsey for decades. They can all read Plonsey's mind better than he can himself. The music will be approximately 2/3 improvised. Texts, by Mantra, tend to be eerily human.

 JULY 8 2022  8pm  $10-$25


Extreme sounds / extreme emotions. DEL SOL STRING QUARTET finds the range of expressivity through the exploration of sound, noise, silence, and musical restrictions. Featuring the music of composers

Fascinated by the feedback loop between social change, technology, and artistic innovation, the San Francisco-based DEL SOL STRING QUARTET is a leading force in 21st-century chamber music. They believe that live music can, and should, happen anywhere – whether introducing Ben Johnston’s microtonal Americana at the Library of Congress or in a canyon cave, taking Aeryn Santillan’s gun-violence memorial to the streets of the Mission District, or collaborating with Huang Ruo and the anonymous Chinese poets who carved their words into the walls of the Angel Island Immigration Station.

Since 1992, Del Sol has commissioned or premiered thousands of works by composers including Terry Riley, Gabriela Lena Frank, Tania León, Frederic Rzewski, Vijay Iyer, Mason Bates, Michael Harrison, Huang Ruo, Pamela Z, Chinary Ung, Chen Yi, Erberk Eryilmaz, Theresa Wong, Reza Vali, and Kui Dong. The quartet regularly works with composers through workshops, universities, as well as Del Sol commissioning and incubator programs. They especially value their ongoing relationship with the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music in Boonville, CA.

Del Sol’s eleventh album "A Dust in Time" debuted at #3 on Billboard in October 2021. Called “excavations of beauty from the elemental” (NY Times), this hour-long meditation was released in the form of a coloring book. Their previous album “Kooch-e Khamân” (February 2021) features 7 new works by young Iranian composers and charted #5 on Billboard. In the 2021-2022 season, Del Sol continues its Joy Project, performing outdoor pop-ups around the Bay Area of music written to inspire joy. They also are producing two large projects: “The Angel Island Project,” an immigration-themed oratorio by Chinese American composer Huang Ruo, and “Between Worlds of Sound,” a collaboration with North Indian musicians Alam Khan & Arjun Verma. In 2021, the quartet were featured artists at the Venice Bienalle’s Arts Letter and Numbers Pavilion. They are current artists on the ImmerSphere roster, a groundbreaking platform that produces performances in augmented reality.

 JULY 15 2022  8pm  $10-$25


JORDAN GLENN makes a rare solo drum set appearance. As a drummer/percussionist/collaborator for many local creative music outfits, JG solo is a distillation of what he values most... spontaneity, space, texture and groove. A document of this work can be heard on his first solo recording "Flustered", released this past May on Full Spectrum Records. For this performance he will be highlighting some home-constructed instruments in conjunction with the traditional drum set and acquired junk.

NATHAN CLEVENGER TRIO Oakland musicians Nathan Clevenger, Jordan Glenn, and Cory Wright share a long and entwined history of collaboration across various projects, including Wiener Kids, Ashen Cleric, and Fellow Hominids. In early 2021, in the depths of the Covid-19 quarantine, Nathan was asked to assemble a small ensemble for a socially distanced online music festival – the Karl Evangelista-curated Unsolitary Series – and this ensemble was born. Working from, between, and against Clevenger’s compositional frames and utilizing the multi-instrumental flexibility of each player, the trio weaves between non-idiomatic improvisation and often gnomic composed material, with focus on spaciousness and timbral detail.

Since relocating to Oakland in 2006, JORDAN GLENN has found himself in a variety of creative music scenes. He is most associated with Fred Frith (FF Trio, Gravity Band), William Winant, Zeena Parkins (The Adorables), Roscoe Mitchell, Ben Goldberg, Todd Sickafoose, John Schott, Lisa Mezzacappa, Kyle Bruckmann, Michael Coleman, Karl Evangelista, Matthew Welch and bands Jack O' The Clock, Secret Chiefs 3, The Rova Sax Quartet, tUnE-yArDs and the collective Sifter with Rob Ewing, Beth Schenck and Lisa Mezzacappa. As a leader, he composes and conducts the large, percussion heavy band BEAK, and since 2007 has led the saxophone/percussion trio Wiener Kids. He also has been commissioned to create scores for evening-length dance pieces by Sharp & Fine and Liss Fain Dance.

NATHAN CLEVENGER is an Oakland born composer and multi-instrumentalist, working on the margins of modern composition, jazz, and improvisation. In 2022, Clevenger released ‘i had a dream about amnesia’, an album compiling 2 suites for solo, duo, and trio configurations, composed and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown. The eight-piece Nathan Clevenger Group has released three albums, including ‘Stateless’ (2019, Slow & Steady Records). Current projects include a trio with Jordan Glenn & Cory Wright and the improvising chamber ensemble, Ashen Cleric. Notable recent performances include the premieres of extended compositions at the SF Contemporary Jewish Museum (‘for david berman’, performed by Ashen Cleric) and the Exploratorium (‘Ice Hours’, a multimedia collaboration with violinist/composer Kristina Dutton and artist Kim Miskowicz).

Reeds player and composer CORY WRIGHT studied music at Oberlin Conservatory and the University of Southern California and has been involved in both the jazz and creative music worlds for the past 20 years, including time spent in New York, Los Angeles and his current home in the San Francisco Bay Area. His recent projects reflect his interest in blurring the distinction between composed and improvised music, and in combining the harmonious with the atonal, the grooving with the arrhythmic. Wright has performed in ensembles led by Anthony Braxton, Vinny Golia, Todd Sickafoose, Adam Rudolph and Yusef Lateef. He is currently a member of Bristle, the Nathan Clevenger Group, and Goggle (saxophone quartet) and leads his own projects Fellow Hominids and The Green Mitchell Trio.

 JULY 22 2022  8pm  $10-$25


Guitarist GIACOMO FIORE presents a pair of just intonation works: CATHERINE LAMB'S point/wave (2015) and LARRY POLANSKY'S freeHorn (2004). Both pieces harness electronics to generate novel harmonic spaces for the guitar to inhabit and ornament, weaving cyclical arc-like patterns in Lamb, and freely following a progression between related harmonic series in Polansky.

SFSOUNDGROUP performs two iconic 20th century works of chamber music: GÉRARD GRISEY'S bracing Talea (1986) and the premiere of a transcription of BRUNO MADERNA'S rarely performed, beguiling Serenata N.2 (1956).

LARRY POLANSKY (b. 1954) - freeHorn (2004) for electric guitar and electronics
BRUNO MADERNA (b. 1920) - Serenata N.2 (1956) arranged for quintet
GÉRARD GRISEY (b. 1946) - Talea (1986) for quintet
- interval -
CATHERINE LAMB (b. 1982) - point/wave (2015) for steel string guitar and electronics

Italian-born guitarist and musicologist GIACOMO FIORE has premiered more than two dozen new works for justly-tuned, electric, and classical guitars, and released several recordings for Populist, Cold Blue, Pinna, Spectropol, Paper Garden Records, and his own impressum. As a scholar his research focuses on U.S. experimental music, intonation, and performance; he has published articles in Music Theory Spectrum, the Journal of the Society for the American Music, and TEMPO, and writes occasionally for Classical Guitar and SFCV. He teaches a wide range of historical and practical music courses at the University of San Francisco and UC Santa Cruz.

The "house band" for the Mosswood Sound Series, SFSOUNDGROUP is a unique collection of performer-composers that have presented their own compositions, improvisations, new commissions, electronic music, and standard avant-garde repertoire for over two decades. With a mix of works from the European, American, and contemporary Californian avant-garde, their concerts explore the continuum between notated composition and free improvisation, often sounding more “electronic” than “acoustic.”
Musicians performing on this program are:
Sam Weiser, violin
Monica Scott, cello
Hadley McCarroll, piano
Matt Ingalls, clarinet
Diane Grubbe, flute

 JULY 29 2022  8pm  $10-$25


NATALIA BADZIAK performs three contemporary works for solo viola
Giacinto Scelsi - Manto I
John Kennedy - The Journey
Andrew Norman - Sabina

MOE STAIANO guides an ensemble of musicians in a composition written specially to be performed at Mosswood Chapel. Musicians will be distributed among its hallways and rooms surrounding the main performance space. The seated audience will experience the work acoustically "mixed and mastered" in real-time as the instrumentalists roam throughout the building. This will be Moe's first performance of his ensemble since 2018. His one online guided improv performance from 2020 doesn't count!

NATALIA BADZIAK is a graduate of the Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music, where she completed Bachelor’s degrees in viola performance and comparative literature, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she completed her Master’s degree. Natalia has performed in many music festivals including the International Ensemble Modern Academy and Spoleto Festival USA, as well as in ensembles such the San Francisco Contemporary Players and in a piano quintet through Lincoln Center Stage. She performs as a substitute with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. An avid new music performer, Natalia has worked with members of the Ensemble Modern and Klangforum Wien, is a Lucerne Festival Fellow, and has attended the Darmstadt Summer Music Courses. She has commissioned several new works for the viola that involve experimental techniques.

MOE STAIANO is a musician and composer of new music works and angular rock music. Since 1995, he has been at the forefront of the Bay Area improvisation scene, playing drums and percussion through innovative solo shows that can feature prepared drum kit, found objects, audio looping and the inventive use of a "percussion guitar." All this is woven in with a performance art aspect that gets the audience involved and wondering what might happen next. He will play (or smash into pieces) just about anything he can get his hands on, and somehow make a compelling musical statement out of it. Moe's compositional work has included music for large ensembles, a piece for two bass clarinets, and a work for percussion quartet. He has also conducted aleatoric improvisatory ensembles, using a glossary of handcues as well as composed sections cued in the moment. As conductor and composer for the Moe Staiano Ensemble, (formerly Moekestra!), he has composed pieces that can include over 30 musicians playing instruments ranging from violins, clarinets and cellos to drum kits, wine glasses, sirens, oscillators and electric guitars. Moe Staiano Ensemble performances are high-energy, electrifying experiences that create unique and intriguing soundscapes.

Moe is currently the leader and frontman for Surplus 1980, a post-punk band that continually evolves its percussive, no-wave progressive musical exploration. Surplus 1980 features Moe's bracing guitar and wry wordplay and a wide palette of timbres from the multi-instrumentalist members of the group. They have released three albums, 2011's "Relapse In Response," 2014's mini-album "Arterial Ends Here," and 2019's "Pigeon Obstacle Course." Additionally, Surplus 1980 appears on one side of the shared 7" record, "International Static Split," with Dutch band King Champion Sounds. They have a forthcoming album in the works for 2022 and a single with G.W. Sok. In 2018, a collaboration with vocalist G.W. Sok (Formerly with The Ex) led to the creation of a 14-piece expanded version of the band--the Surplus 1980 Collectiv Ensembl. This unique group recorded "Forget All This," an album featuring Sok's poetry set to Moe's music, which was released in 2019. Later that year, the group, including Sok, brought this album to the stage in full for a pair of shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. From 1999-2004, Moe was a percussionist for metal progsters Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (and appeared occasionally for live guest performances afterward). He appears on their albums "Grand Opening And Closing," and "Of Natural History," as well as the "Live" album. He played and recorded with San Jose collective Vacuum Tree Head (also doing percussion first, then as drummer) from 1996 to the early 2000's. In 2006 he formed Mute Socialite, an angular no-wavish punk band, in which Moe played drums (and occasional guitar), along with second drummer Shayna Dunkelman, and guitarist Ava Mendoza. They released one album, "More Popular Than Presidents And Generals."

Over the years, Moe has worked with a veritable who's-who of the Bay Area creative music scene, including Gabby Fluke-Mogul, Fred Frith, Ron Anderson (the Molecules, RonRuins, PAK), Tom Nunn, Vacuum Tree Head, Thollem McDonas, Z'ev, Amy X Neuburg, Ava Mendoza, Nurse With Wound, David Slusser, Karen Stackpole, Ches Smith, Michael Evans (God Is My Co-Pilot), Caroline Kraabel & John Edwards (Shock Exchange), Gino Robair, William Hooker, Tom Dimuzio and has performed with all these plus Henry Kaiser, Mark Growden's Electric Pinata, Amy Denio, Jordan Glenn, Telepathic Birds, Feona Lee Jones, Jon Raskin (ROVA), Cheer-Accident and has performed in the sfSoundGroup, Rova::Orkestrova, Terrie Hessels (the Ex), Rhys Chatham (A Secret Rose for 100 guitars) among others.


Our focus is on the bay area experimental and new music community, hopefully encouraging crossover among sub-scenes (composition and improvisation; established and emerging; institutional and underground; etc.) We strongly suggest local musicians attend concerts before requesting to perform on the series. Visting artists aritsts are also welcome, ideally splitting a concert with local musicians.

There is a "hall-like" reverberation in the space, so until we have a better feel for the limits of the space, we are only programming mostly acoustic performances, but we will also consider lightly amplified electronics.

50% of ticket sales is given to the performers.

If you are interested in performing on the series, please send an email to

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