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dresher ensemble studio :: 2201 poplar street, oakland california
(please park perpendicular when past the trees on poplar)
$10-$25 sliding scale (cash & venmo accepted at door)
(late arrivals follow instructions on door to get buzzed in)

sunday june 9, 2024 microfestival of surround sound diffusion
sunday june 16, 2024 ruben mattia santorsa (italy) / karen yu (hong kong) + ken ueno
sunday june 23, 2024 goggle / united brassworker's front
sunday june 30, 2024 larry ochs group / ric louchard + tom djll
sunday july 7, 2024 sfSound (globokar, braxton, carter, sciarrino, ferneyhough, hauben)

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 JUNE 9 2024  7pm  $10-$25
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THE SAN FRANCISCO TAPE MUSIC COLLECTIVE presents a "micro-festival" of fixed media works projected live over a 16-channel Meyer Sound System. Featuring a wide range works by international composers and collective members. If you’ve never been to our SF TAPE MUSIC FESTIVAL or you go every year, this is a perfect amount to tide you over until January 2025!!

HILDEGARD WESTERKAMP - Kits Beach Soundwalk (1989)
LUC FERRARI - Tautolgos I (1963)
LÉA BOUDREAU - Quatre machines pour sauver le monde (2019)
THOM BLUM - Combustible (2008-09)
CLIFF CARUTHERS - New Work (2024)
MATT INGALLS - Etude (2024)
KRISTIN MILTNER - Syrinx (2012)

 JUNE 16 2024  7pm  $10-$25
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RUBEN MATTIA SANTORSA performs a solo electric guitar journey through diverse sonic landscapes. This concert showcases 5 distinct "planets," starting with the delicate sounds of Laurence Crane's Bobby J and moving through Lisa Illean's Tiding in scordatura tuning to Giulia Lorusso's loop-based composition, Unspoken and her fragile À fleur de peau. Additionally, the premiere of a wake up Siri! by Ying Wang, written for Ruben Mattia's American tour. Finally, Ruben Mattia presents his own composition, Drones II.

KAREN YU and KEN UENO perform Noise Box Cantos and Shadow Mudras, both developed collaboratively as a reaction to their experience being pitted in improvisative situations against a collective of modular synthesizer players. After a critical mass of a few modular synth players is reached, it is hard to discern the individual contributions of each performer. Outnumbered in such a context, Ueno and Yu, felt alienated and determined that such performance contexts were at odds with the core values of their respective performance practices as a vocalist and percussionist. As resistance to the culture of electronic noise performance in which physical gestures are decoupled from sonic output, Noise Box Cantos and Shadow Mudras, for Ueno and Yu, are performative investigations towards foregrounding subtle physical gestures in the generation of noise. The stylized use of the hands is important in both pieces. In Noise Box Cantos, four noise boxes, instruments with contact mics inputs and small speakers, built by Hong Kong-based sound artist, Kin Lam, are likened to tiles (or Kanji characters) that are “read” by the hands – likened also to the way Chinese characters operate in Ezra Pounds’ Cantos. In Shadow Mudras, the hand gestures of both performers on a snare drum subtly nuance the sonic output of contact mic inputs fed into a transducer placed on the snare drum. To further theatricalize the hand gestures, lights cast shadows of their stylized gestures (mudras) on the snare head, an abstract kind of shadow puppetry or sign language.

 JUNE 23 2024  7pm  $10-$25
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GOGGLE is the quartet of saxophonists Chris Jonas, Randy McKean, Dan Plonsey and Cory Wright. Individually they have worked with creative mavericks from Anthony Braxton, Vinny Golia, Yusef Lateef, Roscoe Mitchell, to ROVA, but the group has a brainiac squalling sound all its own, fueled by their original compositions—one part laboratory, the other playground. The nucleus of Goggle was formed in 1987 at Mills College, has recorded as the Great Circle Saxophone Quartet for New World Records, and since 2013, as Goggle, have worked with Taylor Ho Bynum, duo B., Lisa Mezzacappa and the Del Sol String Quartet. Goggle will be joined at this sfSound set of new compositions by special guests percussionist Jordan Glenn and vocalist Mantra Plonsey, whose mesmerizing “Nothing Wrong with Him” was featured on Goggle’s latest release Eeyahdi on Cure-All Records.

The UNITED BRASSWORKER'S FRONT seeks to draw on the broad and diverse experiences and interests of it's members, to blur the lines between composition and improvisation, and between tradition and experimentation, all in the hopes of distilling this recipe into a sound that is unique, soulful, and that reexamines what a brass band can be. After many years in hibernation, this will be the first ever performance for the newest incarnation of the UBF, originally founded in the Bay Area in the early 2000's by trumpeter/composer Darren Johnston. Along with Johnston, the other original member this evening will be trumpeter Henry Hung. Past collaborators include Ches Smith, Devin Hoff, Lisa Mezzacappa, Sameer Gupta, Chris Brown, Adam Theis, Ara Anderson, and many others, including the late John Finkbeiner, who's singular sound and approach on electric guitar was a crucial element to the original band's sound.

Darren Johnston, Henry Hung - trumpet
Danny Lubin-Laden, Alan Williams - trombone
Luke Kirley - tuba
Jordan Glenn - drums

 JUNE 30 2024  7pm  $10-$25
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RIC LOUCHARD + TOM DJLL present Flight from Identity for piano and attendants. An attempt to expose, analyse, and release the psychosis of a black and white subject with 88 points of inflexion and reported history of abuse from imperialist logics. Lacking a "standard framework for understanding identity changes in a psychotic subject," the practitioners must resort to a workshop approach using appropriate instruments and experimental methodologies. In the course of this examination, it may become apparent that a typical Viennese-bred subject will follow a line of flight to its most restful state in a place far from its historically defined role(s). The subject is thus freed from the personality-fracturing black-tie straitjacket imposed on it by main-line pedagogy and societal expectations.

The practitioners have developed a range of discrete transformational structures for undertaking this work, and hope to generate a sonic environment which lends the witness clues to not only the identity of the auditory stimuli bombarding them, but, as well, their own composition and identity as receivers and ultimate creators of musical (and other) meaning(s).
"You may never get to touch the master, but you can tickle his creatures."
— Thomas Pynchon, 'Proverbs for Paranoids' #1, Gravity's Rainbow (1973)

 JULY 7 2024  7pm  $10-$25
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sfSound performs a program of composed, semi-composed, and improvised music by Anthony Braxton, Elliott Carter, Brian Ferneyhough, Vinko Globokar, Eva-Maria Hauben, Salvatore Sciarrino, and sfSoundGroup.

Kjell Nordeson, percussion
Lisa Mezzacappa, bass
Darren Johnston, trumpet
John Ingle, saxophone
Matt Ingalls, clarinet
Diane Grubbe, flute
Kyle Bruckmann, oboe


ANTHONY BRAXTON - Composition No. 142 (1988, 15m)

ELLIOTT CARTER - Esprit rude/esprit doux II (1994, 4m)

BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH - In Nomine a 3 (2001, 2m)

VINKO GLOBOKAR - Correspondences (1971, 16m)

EVA-MARIA HAUBEN - by a departing light X 4 (2023, 15m)

SALVATORE SCIARRINO - Muro d'orizzonte (1997, 11m)


Our focus is on the bay area experimental and new music community, hopefully encouraging crossover among sub-scenes (composition and improvisation; established and emerging; institutional and underground; etc.) We strongly suggest local musicians attend concerts before requesting to perform on the series. Visiting aritsts are also welcome, ideally splitting a concert with local musicians.

We are also seeking compositions (in all forms of notation) to be performed by the sfSoundGroup.

We have a 92-key (down to a Low F!) 1953 Bösendorfer 7’4” Model 225 Piano (no sostenuto pedal; inside/prepared is OK). The venue hosts a Meyer Sound System, drum kit, additional piano, lighting, and projection equipment.

Please send proposals to matt ingalls: series@sfsound.org.

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