List of works

by category: multimedia | electronic | ensemble | solo

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Multimedia projects

The Algorithm (2023) for improvising ensemble and generative animation sketches

Hide self, view (2021) video and stereo audio
made in collaboration with Kyle Bruckmann

Interferometry (2019) multimedia improvisation environment
performance video

Archipelago (2016) for electric guitar and glockenspiel with generative video and lighting
performance video | performance excerpts | sketches

Removed (2016) two-channel generative animation, PLA, and textiles
installation documentation | five-channel PUPP version | sketches

Filaments (2015) for improvising ensemble conducted by generative lighting

Magnetic (2015) generative animation

Constellations (2013) evening-length solo percussion performance with generative lighting and animation

Fieldwork (2011) multimedia improvisation environment
duo peformance video | solo performance video | sketches

Before The Seiche (2010) video and 5.1 surround audio fixed media
video by David Dinnell | DVD release

Audiopaint (2009) interactive music visualization
performance demo video

Sawtooth (2009) multimedia improvisation environment
performance demo video | motion capture demo video

Triptych (2008) evening-length multimedia performance
choreography by Luc Vanier; visual art by Leslie Vansen

Altarstep (2008) interactive animation

Newloop Graffiti (2008) interactive animation for percussion performance

Razorbox (2007) visual improvisation environment

Works for / with electronics

Bartleby (2022) audio improvisation environment

Xenoglossia (2013) audio improvisation environment
album release | sketches

Newton's Rings (2012) for percussion and electronics
album release | sketches

Jacquard (2011) stereo / eight-channel audio fixed media

Fetish Object (2010) stereo audio fixed media

Sonar (2008) laptop quintet

Hinge: Process (2008) 5.1 surround audio fixed media
album release

Hinge: Spiral (2008) stereo audio fixed media
album release

Pipe Dream (2007) audio improvisation environment

Periodic Table (2006) audio improvisation environment

Kepler's Monsters (2006) audio improvisation environment

Lattice (2004) audio improvisation environment

Hero and Leander (2003) eight-channel audio fixed media

Strain (1999) quadraphonic audio fixed media

Works for ensemble

Shading (2017) for flute, clarinets, viola, and piano

Kammerkonzert (2015) for improvising ensemble

Elliptic (2015) for cello and piano
performance video | sketches

Three Standard Stoppages (2014) for intonarumori orchestra

Quant Theseus (2014) for improvising ensemble

Yggdrasil (2014) for percussion duo
performance video | sketches

Color & Black (2014) for bass clarinet, alto saxophone, violin, and cello

Roulettes (2013) for alto saxophone and crotales
performance audio | sketches

Motion Blur (2013) for three or more improvisers
performance video

Injunctions (2013) for five or more improvisers

Misdemeanors (2013) an alphabet for improvising ensemble
album release

Unlit Cigarettes (for John Cage) (2012) for four or more improvisers

White Roses (2012) for two violins, two violas, and cello

Close Quarters (2011) nine pieces for piano four-hands and vibraphone four-hands

Alligator Char (2011) for improvising ensemble

Knot Theory II (2010) for flute duo

Planetary (2009) for oboe, clarinet, and alto saxophone

HPHT (2009) for two baritone saxophones

Resolution (2009) for flute, guitar, cello, piano, and percussion

Double Negative (2007) for nine instruments

Tangle (2006) for flute and cello

Weave (2002) for string trio

Xerox Book (2001) nine miniatures for piano and percussion
studio recording

Maxwell's Demon (2001) for five improvisers with conductor

The Location of Six Geometric Figures (2001) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion

Misprision (2001) for flute and guitar

Works for instrumental / vocal soloist

Níðhöggr (2018) for solo percussion

Lessons (2018) for guitarist/reciter

Number Opera (2018) for soprano/pianist

Veðrfölnir (2017) for solo percussion

Ratatoskr (2017) for solo percussion

Chaconne (Breathless) (2016) for solo viola

The Belt of Orion (2013) for solo percussion (excerpts from Constellations)

Celestial Navigation (2013) for solo percussion (excerpts from Constellations)

Come Ricordi Come Sogni Come Echi (2011) six studies for solo violin

Opalescence (2011) for solo extended-range glockenspiel

Knot Theory I (2010) for solo bass flute
album release

Isoceles (2009) for solo snare drum

x = 30 (2009) miniature for piano solo

Triangulation (2008) for khaen solo
album release

Trifold (2008) for vibraphone solo
album release

Windwork (2006) for piano solo
performance video

Countergambit (2005) for guitar solo

Engravings (2005) for cello solo

Second Language (2005) for percussion solo
album release

The Language of Pilots (2004) for percussion solo
album release

Shuttle (2003) for viola solo

Warp (2002) for cello solo

Weft (2001) for violin solo

Gineman (2000) for harpsichord solo

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