Christopher Wendell Jones
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list of works
large ensemble
Liquid Refrains (2011)
    for 13 instruments [12'30"]
    Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation for the sfSoundGroup
Chamber Concerto (1997-1999)                    
    for cello solo and ensemble ( - - 1-; 3 movements [17’]
Danses et Rituels Imaginés (1997)
    for wind ensemble [9’30”]
    Commissioned by Daniel Descôteaux
No Sun (1995)
    for orchestra [6’]
instrumental and vocal chamber music
new work (in progress)
    for violin and piano
    Commissioned by the Ann Yi and Ben Kreith
On the Transience of Memory (2011)
    for afl/cl/2pc/pf/2vn/va/vc [11']
    Commissioned by the Callithumpian Consort
Rift (2009)
    for ob/tb/hp/va/cb [7']
    Commissioned by the American Composers Forum
Intuition (2009)
    for afl/pc [5'30"]
    Commissioned by Unruly Music
Strange Loop (2008)
    for fl (+afl)/vb/pf/vn/vc [6’]
    Commissioned by the American Composers Forum
Similar Motion (2007)
    six canons for cl (+efl-cl, bcl)/asx (+ssx, bsx) [3’]
Commissioned by Duo Ing with a grant from Meet the Composer
Reflection | Refraction (2007)
    for ob/bcl/asx/vn/va/vc [9’]
    Commissioned by the American Composers Forum
    Composed for sfSound
three small forms (2006)
    three pieces for ob (+Ehn)/clarinet (+bcl)/tpt/pf [5’]
    Composed for sfSound
vanissense (2004)
    for soprano/violin solo/fl (+bfl)/cl (+bcl)/perc/vla/vlc [14’]
    text by Jon Sakata and Jung Mi Lee
Erasing De Kooning (2003)
    for string quartet [11’]
    composed for the St. Lawrence String Quartet
Suspended Narratives  (2001)
    for pc/gt/vn/va/vc [9’]      
    Composed for the Ictus International Composition Seminar
Quand l’Ombre Menaça... (1996)
    for sopr/Ehn/cl/pc/hp [6’30”]
    text by Stéphane Mallarmé
solo instrument
Separate Machines (2007)
    for solo piano [20’]
    Commissioned by Ann Yi
Simulacra (2005)
    for solo guitar [5’]
Tesserae (2002)

    for violin solo [15’]
    Composed for Mark Menzies
Fictions (2000)
    eight pieces for flute solo [9’]
instrument or voice with electronics
mirroR facing Blankness (2002)
    for any voice and computer generated sound [5’]
    text by Jon Sakata and Jung Mi Lee
Matragn (1999)
    for clarinet and computer generated sound [7’]
    Commissioned by Matt Ingalls
Strange Loop
Emma Moon, fl+afl
Florian Conzetti, vb
Ann Yi, pf
Graeme Jennings, vn
Leighton Fong, vc
Christopher Jones, cond
three small forms

III [1:13]
Kyle Bruckmann, ob+Ehn
Matt Ingalls, cl+bcl
David Bithell, tp
Christopher Jones, pf