Multimedia projects:

Archipelago (2016) for electric guitar and glockenspiel with generative video and lighting
video: Archipelago [Youtube]
sketches: Archipelago [Tumblr]
Removed (2016) two-channel generative animation, PLA, voile, and netting
video: Removed documentation [Vimeo]
sketches: Removed [Tumblr]
Filaments (2015) for improvising ensemble conducted by computer-controlled lighting
sketches: Filaments [Tumblr]
Magnetic (2015) generative animation
sketches: Magnetic [Tumblr]
Constellations (2013) evening-length multimedia solo percussion performance
sketches: Constellations [Tumblr]
Fieldwork (2011) multimedia improvisation environment
video: Fieldwork live with Amanda Schoofs, 2011.10.27 [Vimeo]
video: Fieldwork performance demo [Vimeo]
sketches: Fieldwork [Tumblr]
Before The Seiche (2010) video and 5.1 surround audio
video by David Dinnell
available on the Ecosono DVD Agents Against Agency
Audiopaint (2009) interactive music visualization
video: Audiopaint performance demo [Vimeo]
Sawtooth (2009) multimedia improvisation environment
video: Sawtooth performance demo [Youtube]
video: Sawtooth motion capture demo [Youtube]
Triptych (2008) evening-length multimedia performance
choreography by Luc Vanier; visual art by Leslie Vansen
Altarstep (2008) interactive animation
two versions: for motion-captured dance, for laptop performance
video: excerpt from Triptych in four movements with Altarstep and Trifold [Youtube]
Newloop Graffiti (2008) interactive animation for percussion performance
Razorbox (2007) visual improvisation environment