Works for ensemble:

Shading (2017) for flute, clarinets, viola, and piano
Kammerkonzert (2015) for improvising ensemble
Elliptic (2015) for cello and piano
video: Elliptic [YouTube]
sketches: Elliptic [Tumblr]
Three Standard Stoppages (2014) for intonarumori orchestra
sketches: Three Standard Stoppages [Tumblr]
Quant Theseus (2014) for improvising ensemble
Yggdrasil (2014) for percussion duo
video: Yggdrasil [YouTube]
sketches: Yggdrasil [Tumblr]
Color & Black (2014) for bass clarinet, alto saxophone, violin, and cello
sketches: Color & Black [Tumblr]
Roulettes (2013) for alto saxophone and crotales
audio: Roulettes: performed live by Bent Frequency Duo [SoundCloud]
sketches: Roulettes [Tumblr]
Motion Blur (2013) for three or more improvisers
video: Motion Blur: Minor Vices, Milwaukee, WI 2013.10.27 [Youtube]
Injunctions (2013) for five or more improvisers
Misdemeanors (2013) an alphabet for improvising ensemble
streaming/download release: Universal Reptile [Bandcamp]
Unlit Cigarettes (for John Cage) (2012) for four or more improvisers
sketches: Unlit Cigarettes [Tumblr]
White Roses (2012) for two violins, two violas, and cello
sketches: White Roses [Tumblr]
Close Quarters (2011) nine pieces for piano four-hands and vibraphone four-hands
sketches: Close Quarters [Tumblr]
Alligator Char (2011) for improvising ensemble
score: Alligator Char [PDF]
audio: Alligator Char: Minor Vices live at UWM, Milwaukee, WI 2012.11.12
audio: Alligator Char: Minor Vices live at the Borg Ward, Milwaukee, WI 2012.08.29
sketches: Alligator Char [Tumblr]
Knot Theory II (2010) for flute duo
Planetary (2009) for oboe, clarinet, and alto saxophone
score/notes: Planetary [PDF]
audio: Planetary: sfSoundGroup live at ODC Dance Commons, SF, CA 2009.08.09
HPHT (2009) for two baritone saxophones
score/notes: HPHT [PDF]
Resolution (2009) for flute, guitar, cello, piano, and percussion
score/notes: Resolution [PDF]
audio excerpt: Resolution: performed by NOISE
Double Negative (2007) for nine instruments
score/notes: Double Negative [PDF]
audio excerpt: Double Negative movement 2: performed by sfSoundGroup
Tangle (2006) for flute and cello
score/notes: Tangle [PDF]
audio excerpt: Tangle: performed by C2
Weave (2002) for string trio
score/notes: Weave [PDF]
Xerox Book (2001) nine miniatures for piano and percussion
score/notes: Xerox Book [PDF]
Innova 635 release: iTunes
Maxwell's Demon (2001) for five improvisers with conductor
score: Maxwell's Demon [PDF]
audio: Maxwell's Demon: sfSoundGroup live at Old First Church, SF, CA 2011.07.15
audio: Maxwell's Demon: sfSoundGroup live at Merkin Hall, NYC, NY 2006.02.23
The Location of Six Geometric Figures (2001) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion
score/notes: The Location of Six Geometric Figures [PDF]
Misprision (2001) for flute and guitar
score/notes: Misprision [PDF]

Works for solo instrument/performer:

Níðhöggr (2018) for solo percussion
Lessons (2018) for guitarist/reciter
Number Opera (2018) for soprano/pianist
sketches: Number Opera [Tumblr]
Veðrfölnir (2017) for solo percussion
sketches: Veðrfölnir [Tumblr]
Ratatoskr (2017) for solo percussion
sketches: Ratatoskr [Tumblr]
Chaconne (Breathless) (2016) for solo viola
sketches: Chaconne (Breathless) [Tumblr]
Constellations (2013) for solo percussion
sketches: Constellations [Tumblr]
The Belt of Orion (2013) for solo percussion (excerpts from Constellations)
Celestial Navigation (2013) for solo percussion (excerpts from Constellations)
Newton's Rings (2012) for percussion and electronics
sketches: Newton's Rings [Tumblr]
Come Ricordi Come Sogni Come Echi (2011) six studies for solo violin
sketches: Come Ricordi Come Sogni Come Echi [Tumblr]
Opalescence (2011) for solo extended-range glockenspiel
score: Opalescence [PDF]
sketches: Opalescence [Tumblr]
Knot Theory I (2010) for solo bass flute
The Mutiny of Rivers (2010) for English horn and electronics
score: The Mutiny of Rivers [PDF]
Isoceles (2009) for solo snare drum
score forthcoming from Smith Publications
x = 30 (2009) miniature for piano solo
score: x = 30 [PDF]
Triangulation (2008) for khaen solo
score: Triangulation [PDF]
Trifold (2008) for vibraphone solo
score: Trifold [PDF]
audio excerpt: Trifold: performed by Christopher Froh
video: excerpt from Triptych in four movements with Altarstep and Trifold [Youtube]
Innova 761 release: iTunes
Windwork (2006) for piano solo
score/notes: Windwork [PDF]
video: Windwork: Christopher Adler live, SoundON Festival, La Jolla, CA, 2008.06.19 [Youtube]
Countergambit (2005) for guitar solo
score/notes: Countergambit [PDF]
Engravings (2005) for cello solo
score/notes: Engravings [PDF]
Second Language (2005) for percussion solo
score/notes: Second Language [PDF]
Innova 761 release: iTunes
The Language of Pilots (2004) for percussion solo
score/notes: The Language of Pilots [PDF]
Innova 761 release: iTunes
Shuttle (2003) for viola solo
score: Shuttle [PDF]
Warp (2002) for cello solo
score/notes: Warp [PDF]
Weft (2001) for violin solo
score: Weft [PDF]
Gineman (2000) for harpsichord solo
score/notes: Gineman [PDF]
Fabrication (2000) for trumpet and electronics
score/notes: Fabrication [PDF]
Questions and Fissures (2000) for saxophone and fixed media
Escuela (1999) for piano and electronics