Electroacoustic improvisation projects:

Interferometry (2019) multimedia improvisation environment
video: complete performance [Vimeo]
Xenoglossia (2013) audio improvisation environment
performances available as streaming/download release: Universal Reptile [Bandcamp]
sketches: Xenoglossia [Tumblr]
Fieldwork (2011) multimedia improvisation environment
audio: Fieldwork: Amanda Schoofs live at the Borg Ward, Milwaukee, WI, 2012.08.29
video: Fieldwork: Christopher Burns and Amanda Schoofs live, 2011.10.27 [Vimeo]
video: Fieldwork performance demo [Vimeo]
sketches: Fieldwork [Tumblr]
Sawtooth (2009) multimedia improvisation environment
video: Sawtooth performance demo [Youtube]
video: Sawtooth motion capture demo [Youtube]
Sonar (2008) laptop quintet
Pipe Dream (2007) audio improvisation environment
Periodic Table (2006) audio improvisation environment
Kepler's Monsters (2006) audio improvisation environment
audio: Kepler's Monsters performed live on WMSE, 91.7 FM, 2006.11.05
Lattice (2004) audio improvisation environment

Fixed media:

Jacquard (2011) stereo / eight-channel audio
sketches: Jacquard [Tumblr]
Fetish Object (2010) stereo audio
audio: Fetish Object
Before The Seiche (2010) video and 5.1 surround audio
video by David Dinnell
available on the Ecosono DVD Agents Against Agency
Hinge: Process (2008) 5.1 surround audio
Innova 761 release: iTunes
Hinge: Spiral (2008) stereo audio
Innova 761 release: iTunes
Hero and Leander (2003) eight-channel audio
Strain (1999) quadraphonic audio
audio: Strain (stereo mix)

Works for instruments and electronics:

Counterfactuals (2017) for carillon and electronics
video: Counterfactuals [Youtube]
sketches: Counterfactuals [Tumblr]
Newton's Rings (2012) for percussion and electronics
sketches: Newton's Rings [Tumblr]
The Mutiny of Rivers (2010) for English horn and electronics
score: The Mutiny of Rivers [PDF]
Fabrication (2000) for trumpet and electronics
score/notes: Fabrication [PDF]
Questions and Fissures (2000) for saxophone and fixed media
Escuela (1999) for piano and electronics

Sound installations:

Tuning (2008) generative sound installation
audio: Tuning documentation
Quartet (2007) generative sound installation
audio: Quartet documentation