the transparent
tape music festival

Kilim (1996) 10'24"
The excitement, for me, in electroacoustic music lies in the ability to deal with illusion in sound. Illusions of objects, spaces or events: 'real' or 'imaginable'; surreal or transformed or entirely abstract. Kilim is an attempt to explore these worlds through, largely, instrumental sounds. But rather than deal in the tradional materials of music, the piece uses snapshots of the instruments, often transformed beyond recognition into worlds where only the sense of the energy of the performer remains. - AM

Alistair MacDonald (Yorkshire, England, 1962)
Based in Scotland, his work draws on a wide range of music that reflects a keen interest in improvisation and the human voice. Many of his works are made in collaboration with other artists from a range of media, and explore a range of contexts beyond the concert hall.

His awards include the CNM/France Prize at the Festival de Musique-Žlectroacoustique in Bourges (1985, for Stiriae) and a Special Mention for the Prix Italia (1988) and the Programme Music Prize at the Festival de Musique-Žlectroacoustique in Bourges (1989, both for Busk). In addition, he has won the Prix Noroit (1994) and Third Prize in the Luigi Russolo Competition (1994, both for Kilim).

Dr. MacDonald teaches composition and regularly directs workshops in schools, colleges and arts centers, and is Director of the Electroacoustic Studios at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow.

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