the transparent
tape music festival

Mi bˇmol (1990) 2'59"
Around a small tonal object (E flat, Mi bemol in French) developed into a drone used as a thread for this piece, I have brought together some of my 'fetish' sounds. A stereotypical form emerged, a hyper-condensation of my style, of my articulation processes: confrontation of widely different sound elements, a preference for the anecdotal, the crossfading of textures, oscillation between pure musical discourse and documentary approach. Mixtures of levels, polyphony of sounds and of meanings. A pastiche where I imitate myself. . . - YD

Yves Doust
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It is through cinema the Yves Doust (Montreal, Canada, 1946) was taken by electroacoustics. it is through his sound designerÕs activity at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) that he discovered electroacoustic art and developed his style. His approach to composition was further influenced during a residency at the Groupe de musique experimentale de Bourges (GMEB, France) between 1973 and 75. He defines his work as "figurative": a generous use of natural sounds, of news events and of quotations.

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