The San Francisco Tape Music Collective is seeking acousmatic works for performance in our next festival.

We accept "fixed" electroacoustic works only (NO real-time electronics, performers, or visual components) to be presented over a multi-speaker system.
Compositions in stereo, multi-channel, or ambisonics are welcome.

Only ONE submission is allowed per person in one calendar year.

(scroll down to find the submission form, below)

NOTE: Selection criteria is based on the quality of your piece, how well it will fit into our festival program, and how well we like it!
Please look at our past festivals for an idea of the music we program.
In general, we tend to program acousmatic works, music concréte, and field recording based works with a striking or unusual narrative.
Keyboard based synth, and beat-oriented music is rarely/never programmed. Please keep this in mind when submitting your work.
We accept pieces of any length, but please know works shorter than 15 minutes are easier to fit into our programs.

Your donations to the festival production fund are greatly appreciated!

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Questions or comments can be sent to:

Thank you for your interest!