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And Rain Falls Like Tears (2001) 21'00"
And Rain Falls Like Tears is a longish, psudo soundscape-ish, yet almost electroacoustici-sh but not quite work. To get into the mood please read the following: With windows open, the beginnings of a storm is heard out in the distance. Gradually, the storm becomes stronger, the intensity building before slowly disappearing into the distance once again. Listening to raindrops hitting the roof, window, and finally dropping into a puddle of water outside the window creates perspectives from sonic scenes as a storm passes through town.

Michael Thompson (Texas, USA)
is a composer of electroacoustic music and also a computer programmer, studio designer, and System Administrator. His works have been performed at the International Computer Music Conference (Hong Kong, 1996 - Berlin, 2000), at the International Computer Music Festival (Kobe. Japan 1998), KEAMS 2000 (Seoul, Korea, 2000), Rein a voir (Montreal, Canada, 2002) and also in Taiwan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States. His music has also been presented at the Society of Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) National Conferences and the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival (1999 and 2000). In addition to winning a residence prize in the 1999 International Electracoustic Music Competition (Bourges, France) for his composition MachineWerks, Michael received a mention in 1997 for his composition Klank I, II, III, IV, which has been released on CDCM Volume 27, disc entitled CemiSonics. MachineWerks is included on the EuroMicro 2000 Compilation CD.

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