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Scherzo: Allegro Molto (2002) 2'30"
In much of my recent work [both electroacoustic and acoustic, composed and improvised] i have been increasingly losing interest in making 'cool sounds' and focusing instead on RHYTHM. This short piece is an experiment trying to show how a certain kind of highly syncopated rhythm exists in many musical and non-musical contexts. Some of the non-cool sounds used were recorded by, or with the assistance of, or with equipment borrowed from Joseph Anderson.

Matt Ingalls (Albuquerque, NM, 1970)
is a clarinetist, composer, improviser, and computer musician from Oakland, California. His tape compositions have won such honors as the 1st Finalist in the Bourges Electroacoustic Competition [Categorie Humor - Puy 1994] and the First Annual ASCAP/SEAMUS Commission and Recording Prize [1996]. His computer music software [including a new version of Csound for macintosh and a new csound~ msp object] is available for download at sonomatics.com. Matt is a founding member of the nSFTMC.

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