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I was very safe. . . in my dream (1998) 3'00"
This short piece was composed both as a distinct electro-clip and as a section of a much larger collaborative radiophonic work entitled Ways of Hearing (Chuprun, McKinnon, Prior, Saario; University of Birmingham, 1998). The larger work focused on the relationship between recording and death, with many interviews and recording 'artifacts' throughout. This short work plays on self-referential contradictions - in the recording milieu and in human relationships such as between the parent and child and between the audience and entertainer - and with remembering and forgetting. This piece appears on the CEC compilation of electroacoustic works PRESENCE III.

Ian Chuprun (Montréal, 1966)
has been formally organizing sounds since he first made his way from photography, film animation and sculpture to electroacoustics in 1989 at Concordia University in Montréal.

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