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Duude (1997) 10'00"
Duude was part of a series of works, where my goal was to achieve an exciting and arresting music-gestural language, using found musique-concrete sounds, with as little "processing" as possible. Hence, although a few algorithmically-generated granular textures appear here and there throughout, (as well as occasional synthesized sounds), the means used to produce the piece basically involved mixing and little else.-mi

Christopher Bailey (USA)
Christopher Bailey was born outside of Philadelphia, and began working with sound and computers on a Commodore VIC-20, sometime in the 1980s, mostly synthesizing cool laser gun sounds. Over the years this developed into a love and dedication to the art of computer music. He studied some aspects of it at Eastman and Columbia University, working with Brad Garton, Tristan Murail, and Allan Schindler. His computer and instrumental music has been performed in New York (frequently), elsewhere in the US, and in Japan, Argentina, Germany and Canada. His work "Ow My Head." was featured on the ICMC 1997 CD.

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