matt ingalls

Anthony Braxton - Nine Compositions (rastascan records)
live and studio recordings with braxton, bay area musicians, and special guests

sfSound: collected works | collective work (sfSound)
trio largo (wind quartet) and works/improvisations by ensemble members recorded at lucasfilm’s skywalker ranch

Grosse Abfahrt - Vanity (emanem records)
tom djll's improv big band with mattiew werchowski and david chiesa

Grosse Abfahrt - everything that disappears (emanem records)
tom djll's improv big band with le quan ninh and frederic blondy

Grosse Abfahrt - erstes Luftschiff zu Kalifornien (creative sources recordings)
tom djll's improv big band with serge baghdassarians and boris baltschun

Gino Robair - I, Norton (rastascan records)
live performance from sfSoundSeries

Mark Applebaum - The Metaphysics of Notation (innova records)
dvd documentation of mark's ambitious graphic score project

Mark Applebaum - Sock Monkey (innova records)
two compositions for sfSound by mark applebaum

541 - Music from Stanford (innova records)
performing christopher moore's parallax

Joseph Anderson - Epiphanie Sequence (sargasso records)
source material for joseph anderson's mpingo

Mark Wingate - La Nuit Sauvage
bass clarinet samples

Cultures - Puys internationnaux de musique electroacoustique Bourges 1993-1994 (imeb/unesco/cime)
silent cacophony tape composition

Music from SEAMUS - Volume 6 (seamus records)
CrusT clarinet and tape

Music from SEAMUS - Volume 7 (seamus records)
f(Ear) tape composition

From Transparent Tape Music Festival (new san francisco tape music center)
f(Ingerling) tape composition

Signs of Life (spring garden records)
live recording from art rattan with jack wright and bhob rainey

The Skronktet West - EL (spool records)
scott rosenberg's math-rock-improv band

Spezza Rotto - Tedeci Canzoni (limited sedition records)
clarinet on a couple tracks

John Shiurba - Triplicate (spool records)
john shiurba's 'avant-prog-art-song' project

John Shiurba - 5x5 (unlimited sedition records)
free improv with interrupted by 5 short compositions by shiurba

Praeface Compilation (praemedia records)
free improv duo with wobbly

Scott Rosenberg - are (super J records)
rosenberg's jazz-ish quartet

Scott Rosenberg - ie (barely auditable records)
rosenberg's compositions for an orchestra of improvisers

Scott Pinkmountain - The Full Sun (super J records)
member of horn section (the golden bolts of tone) on this indie pop release

lectures, oratorios, conjecture and invective - vol 1 (barely auditable records)
f(Art) tape composition with accompanying text

Toad in the Hole (limited sedition records)
free improv with guberman, robair, rosenberg, and robair

The Matthew Sperry Trio (limited sedition records)
free improv with perkis, robair, and robair

P.I.S.S. (limited sedition records)
free improv with perkis, shiurba, and sperry

Music from the 2nd annual no idea festival (coincident records)
free improv with wright, eubanks, dove, and newman

New Music Works - Night of the Living Composers (new music works records)
works by jack body, henry brant, fred frith, and alen strange

Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations (edgetone/pax records)
Moe! Staiano's Moe!Kestra

The Lateness of Yearly Presentations (amanita, dephine knormal music)
compositions by Moe! Staiano

Ghost Machine - Live from KFJC (kfjc records)
Moe! Staiano's Moe!Kestra

Live at KZSU 1998 (kzsu records)
excerpt from live on-air clarinet+electronics improv

Donkey - SHOW (accretions records)
live improvs with donkey @ the casbah, san diego

Wobbly - Live 99>01 (wobbly records)
free improv duo with Wobbly

Femme Toupee - issue 3
a CD and zine that includes score to marbles(2) (no audio)

Cheryl E. Leonard - Nether (apraxia records)
7" vinyl - cheryl leonard's nether for clarinet and tape

Out Fishing (rusted blade)
free improvisation duo with morgan guberman

Matt Ingalls - Clarinet Shit (self release)
various clarinet recordings in the late 90's -- there were a few other cd-r's i released around this time : recent work, ensemble stuff, 1999, 2001, etc

Matt Ingalls - Algorithmic Music [1988-1991] (self release)
early microsoft BASIC programs, re-recorded in 2009