matt ingalls
   clarinet solo, repertoire, and improvisation

Acousmatic Clarinet :: solo improvisation

A circular breathing improvisation exploring timbre, tuning, and micro-durations inspired by analog synths.
Recorded at Djerassi Arts, December, 2013

Improvisation :: solo clarinet

Recorded live at the University of Houston Opera House

Giacinto Scelsi - Kya (mv. III) :: clarinet and ensemble

with sfSoundGroup
Monica Scott, cello; Ellen Ruth Rose, viola; Brendan Lai-Tong, trombone; Tom Dambly, trumpet;
Armando Castellano, horn; Jesse Canterbury, bass clarinet; Kyle Bruckmann, english horn;
John Ingle, conductor

Recorded live at the San Francisco Conservatory. sfSoundSeries, January, 2014

Pierre Boulez - Domaines :: solo clarinet

Recorded live at the San Francisco Community Music Center

Concerto in mi :: structured improv

An improvised concerto of sorts for myself with fast trills and circular breathing.

The "score" consists of a rough form with a few instructions to the ensemble for when
to play, what kind of sounds to play, and how to cue each other to play together.

David Bithell, trumpet; Kyle Bruckmann, oboe; George Cremaschi, bass; Tom Djll, trumpet; John Ingle, saxophone;
Christopher Jones, bassoon; Scott Rosenberg, saxophone; John Shiurba, guitar;
Gino Robair, percussion; Toyoji Tomita, trombone.

Recorded live at the Black Box Theater in Oakland.

Magnus Lindberg - Ablauf :: for clarinet/bass clarinet and two bass drums

Chris Froh and Loren Mach, bass drums

Live recording from sfSoundSeries.