surveying american ideas and traditions of
experimental music
performance art
live electronic music
and the various facets of contemporary improvisation

the sfSoundGroup has been presenting
innovative and challenging
concerts in the san francisco bay area since 1999

a true 21st century ensemble
the group has an extraordinary roster of
bay area composer-performers
whose virtuosic and "extended" instrumental abilities
are equally balanced with their involvement in
electronic sound
performance art
computer audio programming
and experimental instrument making

the group's sfSoundSeries presents
cutting-edge new works by local and international composers
virtuosic improvisations
theatrical performances
live diffusion of tape music
and avant-garde classics

the group also frequently presents
existing work in highly creative "radical transcriptions"
blurring the lines between
and improvisation

sfSoundGroup is currently participating in a verge residency at san francisco's odc theater


please visit the sfSoundSeries page for recent and upcoming concert details!!

[08.01.05] sfSoundSeries [cage, ingalls, satie, schoenbeck, shiurba]
[06.27.05] sfSoundSeries [erickson, ingalls, oliveros, penderecki, wolff]
[05.30.05] sfSoundSeries [ingle, bithell, sfsound, reich]
[04.11.05] sfSoundSeries: around the bay [ingle, jimenez, rodriguez, ulman, sfsoundgroup]
[02.28.05] sfSoundSeries: die neue musik [stockhausen, lachenmann, spahlinger, neuwirth, blumme]
[01.10.05] sfSoundSeries: [bithell, braxton, cage, webern]
[09.25.04] sfSoundSeries: [burns, feldman, huber, sfsoundgroup, xenakis]
[08.07.04] sfSoundSeries: [andriessen, glass, lucier, reich]
[07.20.04] compositions, and improvisations @ oakland box theater
[06.05.04] sfSoundSeries: omaggio a berio
[02.07.04] sfSoundSeries: theater music [beckett, gaburo, globokar, bithell, fluxus]
[10.18.03] sfSoundSeries [xenakis, bithell, cage, sciarrino, tenney, sfsoundgroup]
[09.13.03] sfSoundSeries block - an evening with 3 composers and their ensembles [ingalls]
[09.07.03] cornelius cardew's treatise
[04.11.03] stanford new music festival [burns, varese, cage, ligeti, shiurba]
[12.14.02] earle brown 50th anniversary of december 1952: centering, octet i, and folio
[11.12.02] earle brown large ensemble music: available forms i, modules i and ii, and an improvisation in the style of december 1952
[10.23.02] live performance on the day of noise 90.1fm kzsu stanford [globokar, perotin, shiurba, webern]
[07.19-21.02] hugh livingston's new opera premiere - the underground gardens
[07.14.02] 2nd annual transbay skronkathon bbq
[06.03.02] improvisations on ligeti - kimo's, san francisco
[05.31.02] variations for sextet - pauline oliveros' 70th birthday retrospective
[05.10.02] sfAlt festival [cage, ligeti, shiurba, sfsound]
[03.26.02] sfSound orchestra plays early feldman box notation pieces and new noise
[09.09.01] john cage 89th birthday celebration
[07.15.01] transbay skronkathon bbq
[04.12-13.01] miya masaoka's the sound of naked men, yerba buena gardens
[03.24.01] odc spring new music series 2001 [day, ingalls, livingston, masaoka, oliveros]
[01.27.01] sfSound collection [day, guberman, ingalls, joseph, kane, shiurba]
[04.24.00] n-music marbles, f(Ear), spout2, and y2k [ingalls]
[05.05.99] y2k @ venue9 [ingalls]
[03.11.99] y2k @ luggage store [ingalls]
even more here

[ <-------core-------> ]
david bithell - trumpet
kyle bruckmann - oboe
george cremaschi - bass
ma++ ingalls - clarinet
john ingle - saxophone
christopher jones - piano, conductor
monica scott - cello
erik ulman - violin
christopher burns - electronics

[ <---collaborators---> ]
toyoji tomita - trombone
chris froh - percussion
john shiurba - guitar
dina emerson - voice
karen hall - voice
diane grubbe - flute
steve adams - bass flute
phil gelb - shakuhachi
jacob lindsay - clarinets
jon raskin - saxophone
tom dambly - trumpet
tom djll - trumpet
ernst karel - trumpet
carrie weick - horn
jen baker - trombone
tom yoder - trombone
ron heglin - tuba
florian conzetti - percussion
rakesh kumar khanna - percussion
tim o'keefe - percussion
stuart langsam - percussion
garth powell - percussion
gino robair - percussion
matthew goodheart - piano
heather heise - piano
alex hills - piano
hadley mccarroll - piano/voice
ann yi - piano
mark chung - violin
heather gardner - violin/viola
mark menzies - violin
david ryther - violin
tom swafford - violin
jorge boehringer - viola
merlin coleman - cello/voice
loren kiyoshi dempster - cello
geoff gartner - cello
hugh livingston - cello
david arend - contrabass
eli crews - bass
matthew sperry - bass
miya masaoka - composition
chris burns - composition
thomas day - electronics
tim perkis - electronics
jennifer bailey - conductor