Thanks to all who attended the performance!
MP3s of the show [recorded by joseph anderson]
can be heard by clicking on the individual pieces on the program below,
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an evening of new clarinet music performed by matt ingalls



January 27th



San Francisco Community Music Center

544 Capp Street

San Francisco



reception following

SFSOUND Collection is a concert showcasing new works by a collection of bay area composers:
Thomas Day, Morgan Guberman, Dan Joseph,
Brian Kane,
and John Shiurba.

This program will offer an eclectic mix of works featuring modernist sonata forms, minimalistic variations, electroacoustic noise, structured improvisation, and explorations of the clarinet timbre.

matt ingalls has premiered over 50 compositions, many of which are unaccompanied solo pieces written specifically for his unique performance style. Composers and audience members alike are drawn to matt's unique sound which is heavily influenced by his involvement in computer music on both the composition and programming sides of the field.

ingalls has had a long association with each composer presented on tonight's program - some reaching back to childhood - and has played in a variety of musical projects with each of them. As a backlash against the dumbed down MTV generation these composers grew up in, each found the other through the quagmire of 'flavor of the month music' which has dotted the scene for the last decade plus. Through their collective, these composers have made a commitment to furthering the so called 'unpopular forms' of music extending from the classical, electronic, free improv, and acousmatic disciplines.

This free concert is in a five year tradition of similar endeavors presented at Mills College, Crucible Steel Gallery, Noe Valley Ministry, and the New San Francisco Tape Music Center. As with all these concerts, there are no commodities or phony-hypes attached. There is nothing to sell here, only music for music's sake. We encourage the general public to come down and listen. We guarantee all will hear something they like.




F*¢%ing Corporate Fascist Bull$#!@ (for clarinet)

was composed in 2000 for matt ingalls, and was inspired by his excellence in interpretation and improvisation as well as his feisty demeanor.


John Shiurba is a guitarist and composer whose musical pursuits have included art-rock, open improvisation and noise. Shiurba has recorded and toured the U.S. and Europe with the bands Eskimo, The Molecules and Spezza Rotto and as an improviser.



Clarinet Solo for matt ingalls

is a kind of theme and variations designed to showcase mr. ingalls' enormous gifts as a clarinetist. Although I used my own personal procedures and systems to compose the piece, matt's unique solo improvisational vocabulary undoubtedly provided a powerful influence on its outcome.

Dan Joseph is a free-lance composer, performer and educator based in Oakland, CA. As an artist who embraces the musical diversity of our time, he works simultaneously in a variety of styles and contexts: instrumental composition, electronic music, creative improvisation and world music are all areas in which he is currently working. He holds an MA from Mills College and a BFA from CalArts.



Proliferation nos. 1-5

for Clarinet and 2-channel sound environment explores the space of multiply-directed time via five "sound-stations" within which ingalls' and tape will move to project a series of events.

Thomas Day has composed more than 40 works for a wide range of media. Recent activities included the evening-length "Within Outer Spaces" (for electronics) as part of the American Composers Forum Composer/Choreographer Residency Program, and the Berkeley Symphony's Under Construction Program where his orchestral score "Objcey" was among the works featured.




Three Pieces for Clarinet

is a short work for a soloist that explores the various melodic possibilities of a single musical cell. The three pieces fit together to form an interlocking whole that climaxes in fluid lines, juxtaposed tempos and arpeggios that span the clarinet. Written in 1998, this is its first performance.


Brian Kane, currently a graduate student in Composition at UCB, has been active in both the worlds of new-music and jazz. He leads the Snooty Chamberorchestra, a new-music ensemble dedicated to improvised and open-form compositions, plays saxophone and clarinet in the AND/ORNETTE X-TET, and continues to be one of the Bay Area's most active jazz guitarists. He performs regularly with the Blue Room Boys, Hal Stein and the Frank Jackson Trio in addition to studying composition with Jorge Liderman and Ed Dugger.



Jack Salmon

A composition written exclusively for matt ingalls. A crab on the beach, a fish out of water.

Morgan Guberman is a composer/performer/improviser of both instrumental and electronic solo and chamber music. His music has received radio play throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, and Japan. Collaborative efforts have been made with filmmakers, dancers, and performance artists. Current projects include Spezza Rotto, Darling Freakhead, and a new solo work(electric bass, voice, effects, found objects)entitled "Especiale".



Capriccio #9, Allegro giusto

Appropriating material from Ernesto Cavallini's (1807-1874) Capriccio #9 for Clarinet, matt ingalls writes about this new work:


Many of my acoustic compositions have been influenced directly and indirectly by my involvement in computer music. From the beginning this influence had manifested itself in my fascination with timbre and texture. More recently, however, i have become increasingly interested in the the rhythmic and formal structures that have emerged in contemporary digital music. Already becoming cliche in the 'digital domain', these sounds and techniques are far more rare in acoustic compositions and improvisations. For this piece, i have constructed a loose structure in which i can use a number of these techniques to create "real-time manipulations" of the Cavalinni "source material".


there will be a reception immediately following the concert